7Amp BEC

Graysonhobby.com has a new size of BEC.  A 7Amp BEC.

I have heard ESC and BEC called all different things, from Escapes, to BICS. I suppose the Escape key on the key board is how they came up with that one.

Any how, its called an E-S-C (the letters as you see them) or Speed Controller (shorten from Electronic Speed Controller)

BEC is how most often call the B-E-C (the letters as you see the) but occasionally I call them U-BEC (the letter U followed by BECK)

Boy did I digress on the topic…

What is a BEC you ask? BEC really stands for Battery Eliminating Circuit. But that makes no sense since you are using a battery to power your motor…right?

Sort of, the battery the BEC is referring to is the flight pack battery, the pack that powers the servos only, not the motor. Most smaller ESC have a built in BEC. Without getting into too much detail, the larger ESC do not have internal BEC due to heat. I am in the middle of a Vblog about the ESC / BEC which I will post in a few days.

But crazy as it sounds, the higher the throttle the ‘less work’ the ESC is doing. Hard to believe right?  Just stay tuned