Best VTX for your Micro FPV Drone

The Oscar’s Backpack VTX, which is based on the AKK Nano 3, is a much more advanced product equipped with unique features. Its predecessor, the AKK Nano 3 exhibited a few limitations that would later be updated in the production model.

Why GraysonHobby Loves the Oscar BackPack VTX!

  1. Form Factor. This AKK BackPack VTX mounts to just about any popular FPV Camera with the included hardware
  2. Price for just $15 you can’t beat it
  3. Documentation – This FPV hobby is already difficult enough, especially without clear manuals and other documentation, this AKK race comes complete with the proper paper manual for you to reference.

Some of the limitations that the AKK Nano 3 included the following:

  • Non- effective wire harness
  • The power source was not efficient
  • Could not be mounted on any camera
  • They were big in size, and therefore, unable to fit the RunCam cameras

Regardless of the mentioned shortcomings, it did have a few advantages. For instance, it was smart- audio capable. However, the limitations of the AKK Nano 3 far outweighed the few advantages that it presented. This prompted Oscar Liang, who worked with the AKK on the next VTX release, to address the issues at hand.

Hence the name of the new product: The Oscar’s Backpack VTX, which is named after Oscar Liang.

Features and Specs of The Oscar’s Backpack VTX

It goes without saying that the new Oscar’s Backpack VTX is much more advanced and boasts of advantageous qualities and features. They include:

  • 25mW and 200mW switchable
  • Support Pit Mode
  • One button frequency
  • Power setup
  • OSD configuration with smart audio
  • 5V input to the camera
  • Built- mic
  • Solder pads
  • Visible LEDs
  • Buttons and Mountain hardware
  • MMCX Connector

The Oscar’s Backpack VTX can be mounted on a diverse number of cameras, hence the term backpack. Thanks to the new mounting gear, which specifically features two holes, the VTX can be mounted on RunCam Micro Swift 3, 2 and Micro Eagle. It cannot, however, be mounted to aFoxxeer camera due to incompatibility. Best Prices on RunCam at just $29.99

If you wish to mount it onto a mini FPV camera which makes them ideal for those who prefer to use FPV Drones. It can be used in place of an FPV Video Transmitter to connect onto your FPV camera, enabling you to receive clear signals. With Oscar’s Backpack VTX as your FPV VTX, you can be assured of a good signal range.

Another additional feature, the highly visible LED indicator complements the smart audio feature that comes with the VTX. Notably, the LED indicators are visible because they are located on the sides of the backpack VTX. The thick silicon wires can be easily connected into flight controllers, as seen above, making them ideal for FPV Race Drone Video.

The built-in microphone ensures that you can hear the movement of your FPV drone with the microphone. The audio quality has been improved tremendously. When flying out of audio range of your ears, with the microphone and an earpiece, you can hear the motors and can determine the throttle range via the audio feed. Helpful when doing loops and tricks.

The MMCX connector, which was used to replace the UFL, is more durable and robust. If you’ve been shopping around for an ideal FPV VTX that can offer high-quality video and audio, Oscar’s Backpack VTX is the one you’ve been looking for.

I no longer use any other brand of VTX due to the low cost and high-quality signal I am able to achieve with the AKK brand VTX. To purchase Oscar’s BackPack VTX at GraysonHobby for $14.99, Click here