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On May 10, I completed the order above via the Internet… and you ONLY charged me $5.49 in shipping charges … on that same day, an Amazon vendor wanted to charge me more than $12 for an $8.50 order … you guys REALLY need to come into line with other vendors … think of how you make us customers feel charging us FAIR and REASONABLE shipping charges.

And to top it all off, to make things just as bad as they can get, it took an ENTIRE DAY for the order to get here. It arrived here on May the 11th!!! The day after I made the order. Have you NO conscience? When OTHER vendors WAIT for 2 to 6 days before they actually ship and THEN it takes 8-12 days in transit.

What are you guys trying to do? Make the rest of the world look BAD??? I swear … if ya’ll can’t do business like the rest of the world, charging OUTRAGEOUS shipping rates and upi continue to NOT use shippers that take WEEKS to ship objects, then I just can’t imagine how you are going to stay in business. Get a CLUE guys!!!


All seriousness aside … has always charged me less than what other vendors charge … and I appreciate your honesty. And my orders have always arrived in a timely fashion … I just cannot, not with any degree of verisimilitude, tell you how greatly I appreciate doing business with you. Thanks a lot. Thank you!

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  1. I just want to say that graysons customer service is top notch and stand behind their products. I had a issue with a esc and motor. they responded quickly to my email and the issue was sorted out fast and I will be back in the air soon.

    thanks grayson


  2. Ok my wife Dawn Sponholz and I , i bought the Dynam Sbach 342 (PNP) Kit which should be here in Buffalo NY On the March 25th 2014 UPS ! And i hope all parts and wires and everything that comes with the plane, comes as promised and doesn’t arrive damaged ! Also bought the 2600mAh 14.8v 30C – 4S Grayson Gold Li-Poly Battery Pack, The DX6i DSMX 2.4Ghz 6 Channel Tx/Rx Combo With AR6210, and the Dynam Supermate DC6 (AC/DC) Multi Function Lipo Balance Charger. Some how everything we ordered , we ordered UPS Ground, but some items somehow are coming Economy USPS. So something got messed up at Check out ! All were hoping is everything comes as described, and no Damage. Cause we spent alot of money the past week with Grayson Hobby ! So hoping everything arrives safe and sound ! And no problems ! And we can continue to do business with Grayson Hobby ! So far they have answered all our emails when we had questions ! Cause i had read on some sites about complaints about them ! But this is our first time doing business with them ! And will ignore the complaints , what other people have said ! And Hopefully Grayson will make us Happy Customers ! Thankyou ! Dawn Sponholz and Bernie Migas ! Heres our order numbers Order Number: 49056,Order Number: 49020,Order Number: 49005,Order Number: 48977 But all my orders I had UPS Ground Shipped and some orders at the end of Checkout came out Economy shipping ! So a lil confused on that ! Just hoping everything comes safe and sound and not damaged or defective parts Thanks !

  3. And Basil , really helped me out on what parts i should get for the Dynam Sbach 342 (PNP) in emails from Radio Transmitters and Recievers , to the Charger ! So i really appreciate that ! Seeing were Newbies to plane RC world ! Thankyou Basil !

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