EV800 FPV Goggles – 800 x 480

Update July 2019 — As of Late 2018 – Eachine has laid off all of its great staff and has been absorbed by another large company. With that being said, the Eachine Name brand has just become a label. Grayson Hobby now goes direct to the true manufacturer of the goggle of the EV800D. The only difference between the version of the EV800D GraysonHobby sells and the Eachine version is literally the screen printed name. Rest assured, the EV800 sold by Grayson Hobby is the EXACT Model under the Eachine label.

The 800D now have Diversity – the little square antennas!  This improves the FPV reception. Now the EV800D has two internal FPV receivers.

  1. Circular Polarized
  2. Diversity

800D FPV Goggles – 800 x 480 is a great value for the beginner to FPV flying to the pro looking for a 2nd set of goggles.  The EV800 is such a great set of Goggles is because they convert from Goggle to a FPV Screen.  A VERY nice feature when learning FPV or setting up cameras.


EV800 – Converts from Goggles to a FPV Monitor

So now, let’s take a look at the screen. You’ll notice in the top left corner on the EV800, it shows which channel and band you’re on. So now, simply by looking at the screen, you can tell exactly what channel you’re on. Next, by hitting the menu button, it’s going to bring up the options screen for the video. You have contrast, color, sharpness, volume, power on or off, and language. When you’re done, select ‘Exit’ or hit the menu button again.

Okay, the battery. The EV800 has a built-in 3.7v 2000mAh battery, which according to the manufacturer, will provide 3.5 hours of flight time or working time. I wouldn’t personally run it that long on one charge, but the cool thing the EV800 has a 5v input right where you can plug in a 2 cell or 3 cell battery input for nearly endless usage.

EV800 input voltage

EV800 input voltage

Dont worry, the EV800 has a voltage regulator to knock it down to 5v inside.   If you’re doing FPV for 3.5 hours, and need another 10,000mAh, that’s a crazy day of flying!

The eachine FPV EV800 Goggles actually only weight 14.2 ounces or 325g and are very light on your head, and face. And I can see wearing these all day long.   The resolution on these is going to be 800×480. It’s actually better than the Dominator V2 goggles. The Dominator V2 is actually 640×480, where these are going to be 800×480.

Last feature we’re going to touch on is the headphone jack on the EV800. Well, the quads are kind of noisy, but if you have a plane or a quad that you’re flying around  with an onboard voltage alarm, with the goggle, you can easily hear the the buzzer going off when the battery voltage drops to your set point.

Eachine EV800 - Volume

Eachine EV800 – Volume

Or sometimes it’s good you can actually hear if something’s gone wrong with your quad or anything while you’re flying around. If you’re flying around other people, it kind of gives you more distinct, you can drown out everyone else and hear yourself.

So, there you have it. These are the Eachine EV800 FPV goggles. Get the eachine EV800 at graysonhobby.com