Emax TinyHawk FreeStyle

The Emax TinyHawk is quite possibly the best tuned out of the box Grayson Hobby has ever tested.  The Power to weight ratio and tune make this a phenomenal choice if you are comfortable flying FPV. If you already own the TinyHawk or TinyHawk S, this is a must for you!
If you are unsure how to tune betaflight then you may seriously want to take purchase the TinyHawk FreeStyle.  The one thing Emax did to near perfection was tuned this FreeStyle quad. Right out of the box the FreeStyle FPV Drone is locked in with no bad tendencies. 

Where to Purchase?

You can purchase the Emax FreeStyle from GraysonHobby for just $109.99 with FREE SHIPPING! Link to Emax TinyHawk FreeStyle. What a deal, do not forget to check out the GNB 2S (if you choose to replace the stock connector) or the GNB 450mAh 1S.

Emax FreeStyle
Emax FreeStyle

Whats in the Box?

The FreeStyle comes pretty much standard with all the necessary components.

  • 2 x 450mAh 1S (7.4) batteries
  • 2 sets of Avan Props 2.5 inch
  • Basic little USB charger is included
  • 100% Full Tuned and Assembled TinyHawk F
  • Carrying | Store Case

Weight of the TinyHawk F

With the introduction of all crazy laws around the world, weight is the number one concern of most of the planet except for the USA – us Americans care only about speed lol. The weight is 53g without battery and just 77g with the 2 stock Emax 450mAh 1S lipos.  This is small enough and light enough to pretty much fly anywhere without causing any concerns by by standers.

Drone Components Motors & ESC

The motors 1103 7000 are not overly powerful, but they get the job done.  This is a FreeStyle quad and this will do all the moves and tricks you can throw at it, however, its not as powerful as some of the diatone quads we have tested. Is that a good or bad thing, well neither, and if you are still learning freestyle, it may be a good thing, we do not want to get stuck in the top of those trees lol

Emax Free Style RX Receiver

This is an onboard receiver is D8 and D16 mode and is quite sufficient for smaller areas, however, we were flying around the GraysonHobby building and received several low RSSI warnings.  Like with everything, you can always upgrade the RX to the FrSky XM+ but as long as you fly fairly close, there is no reason too. 

Video Transmitter and Camera

Just like the Receiver, if you stay fairly close to your flying area, you will have no issues with video break up with the TinyHawk FreeStyle, as you can see from our video, we flew around a metal building while standing in front of the metal building and was able to see all the way around.  We would not fly this pattern with regular flying.  As you can tell from the DVR footage fro the TinyHawk FreeStyle, video quality was suffient for flying in our smaller front yard.

Emax TinyHawk FreeStyle
Emax TinyHawk FreeStyle

Battery Resueabilty

Now if Emax required a new lipos, image the complaints from the owners of the TinyHawk and TinyHawk S. It was very smart for Emax to enable previous customers the ability to reuse all the current stock of the 450mAh 1S. 

The BetaFlight Secret Sauce!

The BetaFlight tune is absolutely spot on!  We are not sure what secret sauce they used, but it is nearly perfect.  If you can tune Betaflight then this will not be a selling point, however, if you are still working on the betaflight tuning skill set, then this quad is ideal.  You can be flying this out of the box like a rock star!  Just remember, the rates are very high, so just go into betaflight, lower the rates, setup your transmitter switches, and rip it.

But Why do I need to upgrade!

Simply put, price! There is a trade-off with higher-end components vs price.  Now Emax could have upgraded the VTX, Camera, Receiver, batteries, but then you are looking at a $150 micro FPV drone.  Would you pay $150 for this upgraded version? Most people we interviewed in our show room feel the components are perfect for what and how they fly.  

Emax TinyHawk FreeStyle
Emax TinyHawk FreeStyle

What do we suggest?

The Emax FreeStyle is probably the best out of the box micro FPV drone we have flown! The power to weight ratio, with the combination of the tune, makes this a 5 out of 5 in our ratings.  Even better if you already own the TinyHawk S or original TinyHaw as you can reuse your stack of batteries.   

Emax FreeStyle forSale

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