Should you buy the FatShark Attitude V5 FPV Goggle?

FatShark is back in the midrange FPV Goggle segment at $300, the Attitude V5 is just what the FPV community has been begging for. If you are looking for a quality FPV Goggle then look no further. Backed of the best name in FPV Goggles, the Attitude V5 is a perfect goggle at the price for anyone who flies FPV Drones or FPV Airplanes.

The attitude V5 are in stock at for just $299.99 (click here for more information)

FS Attitude V5
FS Attitude V5

Attitude V5 Field of View (FOV)

The Attitude V5 field of view is 30 degrees. Some people state this is way too narrow almost it as if you are watching a 24-inch tv screen thru a tube. But wait just one second, who is regulating how we measure the FOV? What FatShark calls a 30-degree FOV, another company might call this 40 degrees.

But what if FatShark made the FOV 80 degrees, would you even notice the edges off the screen. Is there such a thing as too wide of a FOV? The Attitude V5 has 2 screens, 1 for each eye, vs one large screen for box goggles. When talking to customers, most do not even move their eyes to view the RSSI, timer, or anything else in the extreme corners of the larger screen goggles. What would the benefits of such a large FOV when you are hitting small gaps?

FatShark V5 Attitude
FS Attitude V5

A larger FOV does not always equate to a better usable image. A narrow FOV makes it easier for you to see the entire screen at one time. With a 30 degree FOV, these will be just wide enough to where you need to move your eyes a bit to view the edges to view the OSD and does not require large movements in your eyes to view all edges of the screen. This will help you stay focused on the object right in front.

Attitude Screen Size (16:9 vs 4:3)

The FatShark Attitude is a 4:3 screen and is ideal for FPV Racing. Although the 16:9 is a wider HD image, this is not ideal for FPV Drone Racing. FPV Drone Racers have a huge tilt on their cameras up to 60-degree camera tilt and for the most part, only care about hitting that next upcoming gate. The 16:9 limits vertical picture and when FPV Drone racing, pilots are not too concerned with looking left and right, but rather than straight forward. Just about every FPV Drone Racer runs a 4:3. Do not worry, FatShark goggles do not crop any of the images regardless of the fpv camera, the goggles squish or stretch the image.

Appetite for Destruction

At $300 this is a fairly large investment – especially if you are a hobbyist. What happens if you break your goggles? Unlike most other common FPV goggles, the FatShark Attitude V5 can be repaired if required. All the different components are available at authorized dealers such as So if you break your Attitude V5 goggles, do not worry, just give the good people at graysonhobby an email and they can get you the parts needed so you can repair your investment

Attitude V5 FatShark
FS Attitude V5

Like with anything, everyone wants a lot of product for a very little price, we all know we have to compromise..right? When it comes to FPV, what products do you use EVERY TIME you fly, your Transmitter and Goggles, quads come and go. Grayson Hobby suggests purchasing the best goggle you can afford. If $300 is your budget, then the Attitude V5 is worth the purchase. Click here to purchase your Goggles from for just $299.99. Grayson Hobby is located right outside of Atlanta, GA and offers same-day shipping and free local pickup.

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