Does the FullSpeed RC ToothPick Pro have too much power?

The FullSpeed RC ToothPick Pro is nothing but further from a traditional Toothpick FPV Drone.  What do the boys at Grayson Hobby think of the new FullSpeed RC Toothpick PRO.  Basil and Will from Grayson Hobby to a bench review then go outside Grayson Hobby shop which is a brick and motor hobby shop located in Atlanta, Georgia and do some out of the box flying on 3S and 4S on one of the hottest days of the summer 96 degrees.

FullSpeed RC ToothPick Pro

The FullSpeed RC Toothpick pro is a stretch X style frame.  These frames were a big hit back in 2017 – 2018 with the Diatone line of fpv micro quads as the frame shape tends to lead to more undisturbed air. 

This micro FPV Drone is capable of 4S and under 70g.  WOW, that is a crazy power to weight and should be extremely fast.  The stretch x style frame give it a racer style frame making it very nimble for hitting those gates.  The left and right turning ability with the longer slender frame will be big hit for anyone racing micro fpv drones.  Add the oversized 1106 – 4500kv motors and Toothpick pro is a very fast nimble fpv drone racer. The quad comes with no branded 4 blade 2523 props.  We were not overly impressed, but defiantly got the job done.

ToothPick Pro Frame

As stated the overall weight is right at 68g with our scale and you would have to think the motors are the majority of the weight.  The Frame of the Toothpick pro is 2.5mm thicker which is a bit thicker than the typicall 1.5mm you find on most toothpick style quads.  The frame is a rigid and did not flex in our hands, however at the speeds you can expect from the Toothpick pro, do not expect this frame to handle any sort of moderate impact.


The Receiver Sucks.  (FrSky Receiver) No way to sugar coat that, we never had RSSI issues before flying around the Grayson Hobby building, however just a quick spin around the building led to RSSI warnings.  The RX is not bad for a real toothpick, however this toothpick pro, can get very far very fast which we feel could lead to failsafe.  We recommend swapping out the stock receiver with a XM+ or the new spectrum SPM4650. If you fly your toothpick pro fairly close, then just like we did, you will not have any range issues.

Check out the Flying Video of the Toothpick Pro – Come cut our trees branches please

VTX 25mw – 600mw

We have had some experience with this video Transmitter in the past, it’s a very good 600mw capable VTX (comes locked from the factory) and is actually a micro VTX with purchasing for other micro builds.   The size of the VTX is 20 x 20 perfect for those small builds with the mamba stack J .. The input voltage is 5V, and uses a IPEX style antenna.

FullSpeed RC ToothPick Pro

Flight Stack

The Flight stack only runs a 12A ESC – We feel this is not the best size and compared to other brands is about ½ the amperage required.  Add the 1106 motors and now you are boarder line of burning out the ESC.  However, we flew our Leader RC Toothpick Pro on one of the hottest and humid days in Atlanta, on 3s and 4s back to back and had no issues.  So even though we wish the 12a is at least a 20amp ESC, we found no issues with the 12A.

Motors 1106

The very impressive 1106 motors are installed on this Toothpick Pro.  These motors make this pro version the ‘pro version’.  Providing loads of power on 3S and 4S, power should not be an issue to any one flying this quad.  Surprisingly to some customers, these 1106 motors are direct solder and contain no plug.  Since there is a lot of fast currently flowing from the motors to the ESC, we can only guess as to this method was chosen for reliability vs convenience.  It would be nice to have a quick plug for the motors, but  direct solder motor has lees de-sync issues and is most likely why FullSpeed chose this method.

Caddx Micro F2 Camera

The Cadx camera dynamic range is way better than the HappyModel sailfly-x.  As you can see we have several trees with low lying branches making flying these faster quads a challenge, however, at least with the ToothPick  Pro camera we could now see these tree branches.  With the Sailfyx, we kept flying into the low lying tree branches due to the dynamic range of the camera.  This cadx camera is awesome and much better than the stock sailfix x.  We would expect this higher quality camera on something as powerful as this toothpick pro.

PID Tune

We have flown many quads with worse PID tunes and have flown many quads with better stock PID tunes.  The stock PID tune for the toothpick pro does need some adjusting, but when Grayson Hobby reviews quads, we like to fly with as much as stock software and equipment as possible.  We want to fly this just as any customer would receive this fpv quad.  Going forward, we will work with FullSpeed and hopefully can attach an updated PID tune for the Full Speed RC toothpick pro but even if you do not know the 1st thing about PID tuning, the stock PID are fine

Would we suggest this quad

We would suggest this quad to those who have some experience.  This high powered stretch X fpv drone has loads of potential for someone with a bit of flying experience under their belt.  It might be a bit too much if you are brand new to the hobby and there are plenty of other quads for someone who is not that experienced.  At this price point, this fpv quad is fully loaded and can be tuned to be one of the best micro fpv race drones on the market. The ToothPick Pro BNF is $139.99 with Free Shipping @ GraysonHobby. Not a bad deal if you have some experience.

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