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Located right outside of Atlanta, GA. Grayson Hobby Shop is the Atlanta best and largest Radio Control Hobby shop and is a worldwide leader in the FPV Drone Industry. Come visit of our local Brick and Motor showroom where we have the latest and greatest Drone Racers, the best RC Airplanes, and the fastest Radio Control Cars

The Expert Staff at Grayson Hobby can help you build, repair, or upgrade anything RC that flies or drives.  Our inventory includes Radio Control Cars, RC Planes, RC Trucks, crawlers, and the hottest niche of the hobby – FPV Drones! (RC Boats are seasonal)

Grayson Hobby has the largest selection of FPV Drones in the State of Georgia – We dare anyone to come close to our selection!  We have all the major brand FPV  Drone Kits from Diatone, Emax, KingKong FPV, Eachine as well as all the major components from, Dal, HQ Props, Matek, Runcam, Foxeer, and many other quality FPV companies.

We have
complete Ready to Fly Combos for the 1st timer to jets and drones
that fly over 100pmh for the expert and everything in between. 

We stock all nitro fuel by the gallon and case for RC Cars and Airplanes and all the fuel related accessories. Glow Plugs, Fuel Line.

 Grayson Hobby is conveniently located just 15 mins past St Mountain Georgia and just 30 minutes from I-285 and our address is

Grayson Hobby
3735 Harrison Road STE 400
Loganville, GA 30052
TEL 678.623.9123

Grayson Hobby Shop in Atlanta has the largest inventory of Radio Control Airplanes in the state of Georgia.  Yes you read that correctly, we have 100s of airplanes of all shapes and sizes from all different skill levels located in our huge 5000 sq foot building. 

If you have a love for radio-controlled model airplanes, trucks, trains, boats, rockets, cars including all the accessories you need to operate them, then you need to visit one of the best radio control hobby shop in Atlanta. Imagine entering a store that is chock-full of airplanes hanging from the ceiling with RC crawlers, trucks, buggies including massive tables of exclusive in-store specials only offering some of the best prices that are significantly lower than those you can find on the internet.

This shop has a wide selection of everything hobby related and what makes it particularly successful is that not only are they opened from Monday to Saturday, they also have a helpful and knowledgeable staff that is customer service-oriented and are ready to assist you in finding precisely what you are looking for. Grayson Hobby Shop located near Atlanta, Georgia caters all things Radio Controlled either in the air or on the ground As far as the hobby side of things goes, there is no shortage of fun projects to do because it carries supplies and building materials for just about anything.

Putting together a rock crawler has never been easy because Grayson Hobby is just a short drive from most of Atlanta, Georgia.  This Radio Control Hobby Shop sells replacement and upgrade parts such as light kits, chassis, roll cages, hardware, and more to keep your RC crawler in motion through the roughest, toughest road crawling obstacles and terrain. While you can get yourself an out the box, ready to run Radio-control kit that is of you just want to get started and drive right away, however, the best way to know the mechanics of your RC rock crawler is buying a DIY kit and build it from scratch.

Hobbies and collections are a healthy outlet in so many ways because not only can they help you connect with other people who share the same interest, they also keep your mind stimulated from carrying out research or trawling hobby shops for spare parts and memorabilia. The collection of RC cars both new and used, for example, is a hobby that is shared by many people and while some perceive them as “kids” toy but you will never fully appreciate the excitement that comes from playing with remote control cars until you try it.

Whether you are a ten or ninety years old, or a car enthusiast or not, you will love the fun that comes from tinkering and watching how such a small yet powerful car tear across your pavement at 60 Mph. Unlike video games, RC Cars sold at the best and largest hobby shop in Atlanta,  use real-word navigation and can help you or your child increase hand-eye coordination, but in a better and healthier way than an indoor, online video game. In order to give you the power and the runtime, you need on your RC car, it’s important to get a powerful battery that matches your enthusiasm.

Have you operated a first-person view drone? FPV drones sold at the best RC Hobby Shop in Atlanta have opened a world of amazing possibilities to create wonderful photos and videos – all you need is a vivid imagination to go with it. Drone racing is a type of sport that has significantly risen in popularity among gamers in fact, in 2016, a group of drone pilots from all over the world competed and battled for a total prize pool of $100,000. So, whether you are an experienced drone racer or are looking for a new hobby, you can get an FPV drone from Grayson Hobby Shop located in Atlanta, Georgia but note that drones for racing differ greatly compared to the standard ones.

Racing drones are much lighter, smaller and made from a durable but extremely lightweight material, such as carbon fiber so that they are more agile in midair. Conversely, rather than pure speed and agility, standard drones are big bulky devices that are designed solely with a focus on steady flight. So, first, choose a drone that will be able to satisfy all your needs, then get a high-powered battery and racing kit. Realistically speaking, putting together a drone can take anywhere from several hours to days depending on your expertise because a typical racing kit comes with quite a handful of miniature parts that you are meant to clamp together by yourself. Therefore, you will require a lot of patience and steady hands, but, nothing is more satisfying than the feeling of pride you get when your drone purrs like a charm.

So, consider whether you want to buy a racing kit or a ready-to-fly drone instead because even though there are all-in-one racing kits that require no additional parts, but if you are not a DIY-enabled, putting everything together, soldering all the necessary electronics and upgrading your drone where possible will require a lot of disposable time. But, whichever you choose, take your time and have fun with it because drone racing is an incredibly fun and addictive action-packed sport, unlike any other.

If building, collecting or racing RC cars, trucks or FPV drones Grayson Hobby Shop in Atlanta doesn’t tickle your fancy, how about trying your hand at radio control airplane and RC jets? Nothing makes you feel like a big kid with a serious piece of machinery like operating an RC jet or plane, and all you need to have is an understanding of how airplanes work and familiarizing yourself with the different parts and controls of the transmitter. If you’re a beginner, do not be tempted to buy an RC plane only because it looks cool or can fly fast, without giving much thought to it control functionality.

The perfect jet or airplane to get when learning to fly radio control should be something that is stable in the air and forgiving to operate for a first-timer. Another thing to consider is the number of controllable channel functions your RC plane will have, and while one with 2-channels is easy to fly but very limited in what it can do, if you are serious about the hobby, a 3-channel plane is what you really need because it has a motor, elevator and rudder control. Ready for your first RC plane?

So what are you waiting for, stop in the best Hobby Shop in Atlanta, Georgia Monday – Saturday from 11am to 5pm and enjoy some fellowship with other modelers.

11 thoughts on “Grayson Hobby Shop Atlanta Georgia”

  1. bought a lynam pby would like you to look at some pics of my assy before i try to fly it, good to see your local. i’m in sw mareitta have some stregth questions and mod s say you on youtube!

  2. I retired and moved to the Philippines. Not much in the way of RC. I will be visiting the middle GA area next June, and need a place to buy RC helos, particularly TRex. Are you the place I want to go?

  3. I bought a jumper t16 pro from you last year. It never worked right so it sat on a shelf. I’m now trying to get it working and bought the ribbon kit from jumper. After installing the new ribbon cables the radio will not power up.
    Where can I send this radio to get it repaired?

  4. Hi:

    Do you fix Radiomaster TX16S transmitters? I foolishly bought it from Banggood who washes their hands of any responsibility. The ” Model ” button stopped working after 10 minutes of use. This is more 90 days after purchasing the product.

    Let me know when you have a chance.
    Thanks, Marc (Dallas, TX)

  5. I am connecting A Grayson 100 mah esc to an FMS motor with a Futaba 14 tx. I hooked up as I have
    after connecting the motor and throttle I plugged in the battery and have no response in the motor.

    I have looked on your site and can not find how I should program. Give me procedure or any other suggestions.

  6. I am interested in purchasing a drone to fly in my backyard and need advice on what to purchase with reasonable costs, can you please recommend a drone for me to start with? I am looking for a medium size drone, easy to get parts from Grayson, fast, conroled with over the head vision, something that records flighs, run time an hour or more, 4K if possible, and my budget is 400-500 dollars.

  7. Hi. I bought something from you, and asked before, since I’m in the metro area. I’m looking for a Jetco Thermic 72, in case you run across the genuine plane, or know someone that has one. It would have to have the original numbered ribs, which hardly ever happens anymore. I’d be willing to borrow the plane, just to get real rib patterns, or to make them at your store, if they don’t want to sell it, but don’t mind the ribs being taken from the sheet. Hope you’re doing well. I bought something from you on ebay. Let me know, and thanks.

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