HappyModel Mobula7 HD V2

What is new with the Mobula7 HD Version 2

The HappyModel Mobula7 HD has taken the hobby to the next level. Taking its Hi-Def micro camera and other specifications and features into consideration, the Mobula7 HD V2 is arguably the best performing FPV drone in the market currently.

How Much Does the Mobula7 HD V2 weigh?

Without its battery, this brushless cinewhoop weighs approximately 42g, which is considerably light. With its battery, which is a 3s 300mah Lipo battery, the drone weighs about 72g. GraysonHobby recommends the GNB 300mAh 3S for the Mobula7 HD. The Mobula7 weight does not get in the way of freestyle flying, instead, helps improve its ability to drift and remain extremely stedy when hitting small gaps.

Mobula7 HD V2

The HappyModel Mobula7 HD V2 can run on 2S making it easy to fly and navigate the limited spaces that come with being indoors. Additionally, it also runs on 3S which makes it easy to fly the FPV drone outside. One of the hidden secrets of FPV Micro Drone batteries is the GNB 450mAh 2S battery, if you have not check out this GNB Lipo, you should give it a thought for your next purchase. Click Here to read more on the GNB Lipo

Of course, to make up for its weight, the Mobula7 HD V2 comes with large propellers of 40mm. Its powerful motor gives the drone additional power.

The Mobula7 V2 flight controller

The Mobula7 HD V2 is running the lastest version of the HappyModel CrazyBee! Which is packed full of features. Betaflight OSD support, including its multi-flight mode which range between Agro, Air and Angle, augments a person’s ability to control the drone effectively. As a result, the glide and flight of the drone are both smooth and powerful.

You can easily enable RSSI which is crucial for increasing the signal strength on the screen.  This works to augment the flying capabilities of the FPV drone and considerably lower the risk of failsafe.

The Mobula7 HD v2 Camera

What most people love about this HappyModel Mobula7 HD V2 is its Caddx turtle v2 + 1080p camera, which is a major improvement from its predecessors. The camera is not only DVR ready, but easily adjustable.

Notably, the Mobula7 HD V2 Brushless whoop drone can record 60fps, which makes it arguably the most superior FPV drone created yet. This allows the user to record high-quality footage from different angles and heights. Its admirably designed V3 frame is made out of hard material that ensures durability for a long time. In other words

Mobula7 HD V2 Frame – upgraded?

If you are worried about the performance of the Happy Model Mobula7 HD 10000KV version, don’t worry. By reducing its throttle scales as suggested above, its performance can be as good as the Happy Model Mobula7 HD 9000KV version.

The new 9000KV models sufficiently address the ESC issue and make up the entire current stock on the market.

The early renditions of the HabbyModel frame have had its issues, but HappyModel heard the FPV community and made changes to the frame over time. The Mobula7 HD has an admirably designed V3 frame is made out of hard material that ensures durability for a long time. In other words, in case of an accident, the V3 frame will be able to protect the drone from any damage.

The Mobula7 HD V2 Improvements

There have been recent changes that have been made to the HappyModel Mobula7 HD that can impact its performance. For instance, the motors were changed from 10000KV to 9000KV. For those using the 10000KV version, limiting the throttle scales to at least 75% will help avoid any damages or risks. Below are the direct instructions from the engineers at HappyModel and ask GraysonHobby to pass along the information.

Mobula7 HD V1 Betaflight PIDS

Ok so you have the Mobula7 HD with the 10,000kv motors, do not worry, below are the CLI commands to prevent any damages to the V1 Mobula7 HD.

In order to reduce risk from the Mobula7 HD (10000kv motor version )esc burnt while use stock 3S battery , we suggest to limit the throttle scales to 75% . Performance is almost the same like new KV9000 version.
The cli command is :
set throttle_limit_type = scale
set throttle_limit_percent = 75

Does the Mobula7 HD V2 pass the GraysonHobby Review Test?

The Experts of HappyModel products from GraysonHobby recommend the HappyModel Mobula7 HD V2. Absolutely; its specs and features are clearly designed to give other drone manufacturing companies a run for their money. The manufacturers put careful thought into every detail, ensuring that it boasts of cutting edge technology that will cater to the ever growing market.

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But this little FPV Drone is not for everyone, if you are new to flying FPV drones, then you may want to get a FPV drone more suited to the beginner FPV drone pilot.

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