The HappyModel Sailfly-X the latest generation of ‘toothpick’ FPV Drones.

Look Ma No Prop Guards!

The obviously physical difference from the Sailfly and other happymodel products any FPV pilot will notice is the lack of prop guards or whoops.  The ducts do add a considerable amount to the FPV Drone regardless of the material. Removing these plastic whoops saves a lot of weight. The lack of extra weight from the TinyWoops give the Sailfly an enormous performance increase due to the power to weight ratio.

SailFlyX Frame Kit

The Happymodel Frame Kit is ultra thin using only 2mm thick carbon fiber.  The 3D canopy look very basic, but each Sailfly kit comes with 2 TPU canopies, each color represents a different camera angle.  The overall weight of the Sailfly is just 35g and that includes the Motor, flightstack, and props, so you can image how light the Saifly-x frame only really is!  

HappyModel SailFly-X

SailFly-X Flight Controller – You So Crazy!

HappyModel fpv drones from the snapper7,  Mobula7, Mobula7 HD and now the Sailfly-x have all been using the same crazybee Flight Controller board. Not much different here with the Crazybee flight controller, except this is the 3S version.  The CrazyBee by happymodel has been the goto micro flight controller by many FPV drone builders due to the 1 amp 5 Volt BEC electronics and improved solder pads.

SailFly-X Brushless Motors – Less is More!

You can find the same 9000kv happymodel motors on the new SailFly-X, the same motors on the HappyModel Mobula7 HD V2.  These lower kv motors are an improvement from the 10,000kv edition and give the ability to run larger props, but more importantly, the lower 9000kv happymodel motors give less overheating issues when running on 3S.  

KingKong 65mm Props on the SailFly-X

GraysonHobby are the experts when it comes to the KingKong FPV line of products and in fact when KingKong / LDARC produced brushed quads, guess what props LDARC was using. Yep the KingKong 65mm props.  Funny now they are making a come back, but don’t worry, GraysonHobby has plenty of 65mm props and each bag of props contains 10 sets! Over 40 65mm props for around $5. What a deal, so there is no excuse to ever be without props again

Lipo Battery for the SailFly

The Sailfly X uses a 300mAh 3S with Xt-30.  This is a decent battery, but why fly a decent lipo battery when you can FLY an awesome FPV Drone Lipo Battery such as the GNB 300mAh 3S HV!  The GNB lipo batteries are some of the best lipos Grayson Hobby has tested and lets face it, there are not many lipo manufacturers who produce a skinny gum stick style FPV lipo pack.

To learn more about the GNB Batteries for all of your FPV and RC Needs Click here

Top Speed of the Sailfly-X

Sailfly-X – gotta get one!

At just $88.88 from GraysonHobby, this value is hard to pass up.  The electricalcomponets have been proved in other HappyModel products, the GNB battery has been performing well in just about any micro FPV quad, so the only factor will be can you handle the speed!  Sir you CAN handle the speed, but the question, is can you handle the top speed without prop guards, Remember the Props from Grayson Hobby come 40 per package!

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Good Luck with your FPV FreeSyle and FPV Drone Racing with the Sailfly X

How Fast is the SailflyX ?