How to Charge the Jumper T16 18650 Batteries

You have your new Jumper T16 Radio with brand new 18650 batteries, but you have no idea what or how to charge the batteries. This article Grayson Hobby will help you use your existing hobby grade Li-Ion Charger to charge your batteries external in the jumper t16 battery case.

The Connect Balance Plug Charge Adapter

The 1st thing you will need is this Balance Charge Plug adapter. This adapter is under $3 and comes pre-solder with all the ends and proper connections you need to get going. You could not even make this adapter DYI for the same cost. You can purchase this adapter here at

Chargers vary from manufacture to manufacture but all balance chargers made within the last few years should be able to handle the Li-Ion Setting.

The Connection from the Batteries to the Charger

To use this adapter its very straight forward. 1st plug the adapter (JST-XH) side into the battery case, then please refer to the chart below for your situation.

Charging the Jumper T16 with a Balance Board

If you fly quads, drones, or airplanes, its a pretty high change you already own a decent battery charger so let’s use this to charge your Jumper T16 batteries!! Plug the charging adapter into a balance board, take not to plug the JST (red) connector and the jst-xh (white connector) into the balance board. If you are using a balance charger, you must plug both ends into the charger or else your battery charger will give an input or connection error.

Jumper T16 Charge Adapter
Jumper T16 Charge Adapter

Charge the Jumper T16 with just a Charger

You do not need a balance board to charge the Jumper T16, you can plug the Charging Adapter Directly into the charger just as you would any other li-ion battery. Plug in the JST adapter into the JST-Charging adapter – this Jst-Charging adapter should come with your charger. Next plug in your balance board into the charger and please pay close attention to the polarity, its very easy to get it backwards or miss the 1st pin.

Jumper T16 Charge Adapter
Jumper T16 Charge Adapter

Charger Setting for the Jumper T16 Batteries

Scroll thru your charger menu and select the Li-Ion Battery Type. Depending the charger, you need to set the voltage to 7.4v or 4.20 per cell. Anything lower will charge the 18650 batteries, however, it will not charge them to 100% and your battery usage life will be low. If this is the case, then you may want to consider upgrading chargers.

Charge Rate (IMPORTANT)

The C rating or Amp is the most important step in this process. The lower the amps the longer the batteries will last. The rule of the is 0.5c charge rate. How do you find the charge rate, simple take your battery miliamps and divide by 2. For example 3000mAh 18560 batteries. 3000 / 2 = 1500 Set your charge rate to 1.5A
Remember Battery Safety – Slower battery charging will increase the life of your 18650 batteries. The recommended charge rate is 0.5C (half of the battery capacity) 3000mAh charge at 1.5A 6000mAh Charge at 3.0A 1000mAh Charge at 0.5A

Set it and NOT forget it

Remember never leave a battery charger unattended. Keep and eye on your battery or better yet, place your battery in a LipoSafe bag. Lipo Safe Bag we recommend

You can pick up the Jumper T16 and all the parts along with this adapter at or better yet, if you are ever in the Atlanta area stop in and come visit our fully stock FPV, Drone & Radio Control Hobby shop, we are located just 30 mintues from DownTown Atlanta GA

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