Jumper LongRange 915mhz Receiver

Many Months after Jumper RC released the 5-1 Multi-Protocol T18 series radio, they now finally have 915mhz receivers to accompany their new radio.

The 1st release contains two new LongRange Receivers. One designed for Airplanes – the R900 and the 2nd is more suited for smaller fpv drones, the R900 mini.

The R8 (2.4ghz) has been a huge hit with modelers and pilots running ardupilot as this is the goto receiver for most since the Jumper R8 does not require any additional connectors. The limit with the 2.4ghz is the range, so thats where the R900 comes into play, the R900 runs on the 900mhz ban and in theory will fly much, much, much further than 2.4ghz.

The largest noticeable difference in this model, is the new panel antennas, again, in theory, these are designed to provide a cleaner, longer range reception.

Jumper 915mhz Receiver
Jumper 915mhz Receiver

The other new released receiver is the R900 mini – There has not been any specs released from Jumper, so we will hold off all speculation of the RX at this time

What Protocol are the R900 using?

The R900 receivers are using the FrSky R9 protocol, so when binding, you will need to choose the FrSky R9 option in the internal module (see our binding video here)

Jumper 915mhz Receiver
Jumper 915mhz Receiver

Who Needs the 900 RX

If you are flying within line of sight, then you do not need to run the 900mhz receivers, some will say these will penetrate building, trees, etc if that is your thing, but for pilots flying non FPV airplanes, then these are not needed. However, the costs are the same as the 2.4ghz and if you already own the T18 with the 5-1 module, then why not..right?

For the drone pilot, the Team BlackSheep crossfire system is on the 900mhz ban and this system is widley used by pilots all around the word.

Where to Purchase the Jumper 915 Receivers

To Signup for the latest information on availability, be sure to visit GraysonHobby.com/JumperT18 and sign up for the availability notification email. There is no obligation to purchase, just a simple method of being the 1st to know when the Jumper T18 is ready for pre-order.

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