Jumper T12 Pro 2020 Edition – Multi-Module Radio Control Transmitter

Jumper has released a new version of a popular Radio Control Transmitter, the Jumper T12 Pro! – The T12 Pro from Jumper RC has had a much needed overhaul from the previous versions of the T12. 

1st let me say the Jumper T12 Prop is infact a 16 channel transmitter.  Its not a 12 channel as the name would make you believe. Grayson Hobby has reached out to Jumper and asked the significance of the Jumper T12 name.  We will post back when we find the answer.

Jumper T12 PRO - 2020 Edition
Jumper T12 PRO – 2020 Edition

Jumper T16 Pro V2 vs Jumper T12 Pro Comparison

The Jumper T12 Pro is physically much smaller than the Jumper T16 Pro V2.  This smaller size is great for those who are traveling or want a spare transmitter as a backup.  A Lot of pilots find that the larger T16 Pro is too wide and users cannot fully deflect the anger / aileron or the yaw / rudder, so having the smaller form factor is a big advantage for certain people.

The Difference between the Jumper T16 and T12

The Update Jumper 12 Pro has the same internal multi module as the bigger Jumper T16 Pro V2. The new internal multi protocol module allows the binding of many many different types of receiver protocols.  This list is ever growing and changes with each update. This will bind to the popular FrSKy, Spectrum, Flysky, plus many many more. For the complete list of all the protocols please visit the link here.

The biggest advantage of having an internal module is freeing up that bay in the rear for the 2nd most popular receiver protocol such as the TBS CrossFire.  Now you can keep the Team BlackSheep crossfire module installed without having to remove it every time you want to change models. Keeping the module installed allows less wear and tear on the pins and so you simply do not forget the module at home when you go out flying.

Jumper T16 vs Jumper T12

Internal Charging Jumper T12 Pro

THe Jumper T12 Pro now offers an internal charging port – so you can charge the RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES directly in the radio without having to take out the batteries.  IMPORTANT — The input rate of the charge port should only be 0.5A — IMPORTANT – Do not try to fast charge the batteries in the radio this is by design since everyone uses different batteries or lipos and slow charging is always safer.  In addition to the 18650 batteries, the Jumper T12 Pro accepts a 2 cell lipo and which is recommended by Jumper. The Current version of the Jumper T12 Prop as of March 2020 – uses the USB Mini cable. This is not an issue at all, but there are alot of people who complain about such a minor details. The Micro USB cable does not impact the radio or features at all. This is not a deal breaker for any feature so this should be no concern.. Please not the alot of websites and lituarre incorrectly state the Jumper T12 Pro uses AAA batteries, this is incorrect and infact the Jumper T12 Pro uses 18650 batteries.

Jumper T12 Pro 18650 Battery

Jumper T12 Pro Hall Effect Gimabals

Just like the Jumper T16 Pro V2, the Jumper T12 Pro comes with the upgraded Hall Gimbals. These gimbals are super smooth and very accurate with very little slop, the control movements are very precise which allows for better control of the aircraft.

Jumper T12 Pro Upgraded Larger Screen Size

The new updated screen size is now a giant 2.4 inch LCD Screen.  This is a huge upgrade from the previous 1.7 inch lcd on previous versions of the Jumper T12.  You know that saying Larger is better, so now when you are programming the radio either at home or the field, it’s now easier to see the text on the larger screen size of the Jumper T12 Pro.  The screen resolution remains the same at 128 x 64. THis is adequate enough for reading the text on the screen especially now the screen is larger. Keep in mind even though this screen is larger than the previous version of the Jumper T12, the screen size is much smaller than the T16 Pro V2.

New Modern Carbon Fiber Look to the Jumper T12 Pro

The new faceplate on the Jumper T12 Pro is the carbon fiber look.  No, it’s not actual carbon fiber, but its a carbon fiber wrap. This Carbon Fiber faceplate is just an option on the Jumper T16 Pro V2, but on the Jumper T12 Pro it’s now the standard. 

The biggest question – how does this differ from the Jumper T16 Pro?

The 1st physical difference between the radios is the size or form factor. The Jumper T12 Pro is physically smaller than the T16 Pro.  This smaller size is ideal for those looking for a smaller travel transmitter due to its compact size or this even fits smaller hands such as women and children better.  

Jumper T12 Pro Switch Count

With the smaller size comes less switches and sliders.  The Jumper T12 has a total of 6 switches. 4 on the front faceplate and 2 in top of the radio.  There are 2 sliders wheels on the left and right of the radio. So there are a total of 8 auxiliary ports switches on the Jumper T12. The 2 switches on the top of the radio are both 2 position switches, while the 2 on the front of the radio are 3 position switches.

Open TX Software

The Jumper T12 Pro uses the same OpenTx as all modern day transmitters, this software is fully upgradable via the USB cable via the online resources.  If you are new to OPENTX – there is a huge online library located at opentx.org. The software OpenTx is the same on the Jumper T16 Pro v2 and The Jumper T12 Pro.  

Under The Hood – The Jumper T12 Pro Internals

The Jumper T12 Pro internally is nothing like the big brother. The Jumper T12 Pro uses connectors rather than the ribbon cables.  The connectors are said to be more reliable than the ribbon cables, but are more costly to produce. Time will tell if the connectors on the switches are better, worse, or no different.

Jumper T12 Pro Switches
Jumper T12 Pro Switches


Purchase the Jumper T12 and all available accessories and replacement parts at GraysonHobby.com/Jumper

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