Jumper T16 Pro Receiver Frequency Tuning

If you own a Jumper T16 then you MUST frequency tune your receivers before flying. Do worry tuning your Jumper T16 Pro is super easy and only needs to be completed just 1 time per receiver. Frequency tuning with multi modules is nothing new and this process has been around since mult modules were 1st introduced. So lets get tuning your Jumper T16 so you can avoid that dreaded failsafe.

Why do we need to Frequency Tune my Jumper T16 Pro

Lets get some background on who what why..
Original FrSky, Futaba, Corona Hitec, and HoTT receivers have been frequency-tuned by the manufacturer at the factory. Because of variations in the oscillator crystals used in multiprotocol modules, it is necessary to fine-tune the module to match the manufacturer frequencies. ‘Compatible’ receivers suffer the same variation in crystal oscillators as multiprotocol modules but have to be compatible with genuine (manufacturer-tuned) transmitters so they will typically have auto-tuning built-in, and will self-tune to the radio’s frequency when they are bound.

Jumper T16

Which Receivers Need to be Tuned to work with the Jumper T16 Pro?

This question comes up alot and according to the statement above, basically everything that binds to the Jumper T16. LOL – I know this sounds like not a great answer, but since we have the opportunity to tune receivers, its better to be safe than sorry and take the 2-3 minutes to tune the receivers. Can you get away without tuning, of course, but you risk the chances of a failsafe if you do not frequently tune your FrSky Receivers.

1. Bind your Receiver to the Jumper

Whichever receiver you are using you need to 1st and foremost, you need to bind the Jumper T16 to your receiver.

2. Temporarily Setup your Beeper in BetaFlight

This will give you a beeping signal when you lose radio signal. These are all quad dependent, but this process should work with just about any modern day quad running betaflight. This process will work with the ET115 and ET125.

1. Turn on your beeper in the under the MODES in BetaFlight. A good number to start is 2000 – Use AUX 3

2. Turn on Expert Mode and then goto FailSafe. Under AUX 3 Change the option to SET and update the number to 2000

Setup FailSafe in BetaFlight

3. Remove the props from the quad and plug in battery, then move the quad about 10 feet away.

4. Temporarily set the mode to Low Power Mode in the Jumper T16 Pro Model setup

5. Go into the Jumper T16 Model Setup Menu and scroll to you see the RF Freq. Fine tune

Scroll the wheel to the left and the RF Freq fine tune numbers will go negative. Keep scrolling until you hear a consistent beeping. Once you hear the beeping (failsafe), go slow, go back and forth a few times to be sure your eyes and ears hear the same thing. Once you are confident in your number write it down. For this example we are -75

Next we do the same but scroll the wheel to the right. We do the exact same now with positive side and record your number. For this example we are at 46

Serial Mode Fine Tuning

If you have telemetry configured and a voice-capable radio, you can enable a voice alarm for telemetry loss so that you receive an immediate alert when the receiver connection is lost.

Break out those calculators to determine which number is required to fine tune your receiver. Once you have your positive and negative receiver numbers we need to calculate what number we need to set the transmitter. Using the example above.

(-75 + 46 ) = -29
-29 / 2 = -14.5

Since the radio only uses whole numbers, we will just use -14 to determine the RF Freq fine tune numbers

Connection is lost at -73 and +35; the median is -19:

(−73+35)÷2=−19(-73 + 35) \div 2 = -19(−73+35)÷2=−19

Once the Fine Tuning value is known, it should be used for all models which use the same protocol.

5. Rebind the Receiver

After you rebind the receiver back to the Jumper, you are complete. Nothing else you ever need to do. But do not forget to reset the power mode on the Jumper and the Beeper settings on the quad in BetaFlight.

Never FailSafe with the Jumper

Congrats you have just frequency tuned your receiver with the Jumper T16. You will not have to do with again with this model. So really you just set it and forget it.

Mult-Model official site

For a more indepth read on the Mulit Module – Click here to visit the official site

Where to Purchase the Jumper T16 Pro

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