Jumper T18 – JP5IN1 – MultiProtcol OpenTX Transmitter

JP5IN1 Multi-Protocol | Open TX | Hall Gimbal Transmitter

The New Jumper T18 will come stock with the new JP5in1 multi-module protocol chipset. This 5IN1 will continue to run all of the 2.4ghz we are all familiar such as FrSky D8 & D16, Spectrum DSM2 & DSMX, FlySky, Hubsan , and the 50+ other 2.4ghz receivers.

IN ADDITION – The JP5IN1 will now support 915mhz. Out of the box, the Jumper T18 will support the FrSky R9 915mhz long range receiver systems. So no more need for the FrSky R9M module in the rear of your new radio.

What is 915mhz? – 915mhz is primarily used in long range flying. The 915mhz is also very popular as it penetrates walls MUCH better than 2.4ghz allowing for less drop out when flying ‘BANDOs’. Popular 915mhz systems are CrossFire and the FrySky R9 system. (edit May 15th 2020)

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Jumper T18

Jumper Focusing on providing hardware compatible with various open source projects. We are always working on bring out better products.
Looking for a radio can control long range? Do not want aa extra module attached to the radio? Now you can get T18!
The Jumper T18 has JP5IN1 multi – protocol module, with 2.4G JP4IN1 and 915mhz / 868mhz at same time. 
With T18 you can control your mini quads and air-planes at same time without any extra module attached

Jumper T18

No More Ribbons Confirmed (may 6th 2020)

Not unless you leave under a rock, it’s a widely known that the T16 had some ribbon issues. Although the exact amount is very low. Grayson Hobby has heard rumors that there are no more ribbon cables. More to come with this one.
As of May 6th – It has been confirmed – The T18 will NOT have ribbon cables. It will have the same plugs as the T12 Pro (updated May 6th 2020)

No Ribbon Cables for the new Jumper T18
Jumper T18 - Ribbonless Cables
Inside Picture of the T18 – No More Ribbons

Jumper T18 – New Touch Screen

There will be various versions of the Jumper T18 – not all models will offer the touch screen, but future plans for Jumper is to include a 480 x 272 touch screen. Just to put everything in perspective, the touchscreen uses will be limited until the OpenTx software catches up with the hardware. The hardware will now need to wait on the software. This is super exciting as software develops – so will the functions and features of the Jumper T18 touchscreen.

New HALL Gimbals on the Jumper T18

The New Jumper T18 is expected to have the new SOL Hall Gimbals – More to come on this feature.

Jumper T18

Jumper T18 Zipper Carring Case

The Jumper T18 will come standard with a Zipper Carrying Case – This will be a great storage device for traveling. This same Jumper Zipper Carrying case will also work with the original Jumper T16 V2 PRO (folding handle)

Jumper Zipper Carrying Case

Availability Date – Jumper T18 Pro

The Jumper T18 is expected to hit the market Mid May 2020 – Grayson Hobby has a very limited number of T18 on order due to the raw material production, but since Grayson Hobby is the largest Jumper T16 radio seller in the USA, we will have the most radios available than any other dealer during the 1st batch.

Where to Purchase

To Signup for the latest information on availability, be sure to visit GraysonHobby.com/JumperT18 and sign up for the availability notification email. There is no obligation to purchase, just a simple method of being the 1st to know when the Jumper T18 is ready for pre-order.

220 Old Loganville Road
Loganville, GA 30052

27 thoughts on “Jumper T18 – JP5IN1 – MultiProtcol OpenTX Transmitter”

  1. Any word on cost or future T16 availability? Any word on why Jumper’s website is still teasing May 4th release date but still no info there?

    1. The T16 production is temporarily discontinued while all efforts are focused on the T18 – May 4th was the teaser date of the features.

    1. There will be 2 antennas – 1 antenna for the 915mAh signal – 1 Antenna for the 2.4ghz (

  2. Ant idea what price point and how is the 900mhz and 2.4ghz antenna going to be implemented.

  3. What is SOL Hall Gimbals ?
    Is it possible to run radio without antenna sticking out with external module (CRSF)?
    When approx possible shipping can expect ? Wanted to get T16, but now looking to wait till T18

    1. From my understanding from Jumper – these are a Race Gimbal which will be an option.. Probably shorting sticks for faster response..Not many freesyle fliers will want this option..

  4. I just signed up for the notification. As soon as a pre-order is available… I will put my $$$ on one. Thanks guys.

  5. Will there be a Crossfire Micro or Full Module discounted bundle?

    Also, have you tested out the function of the touchscreen to confirm it at least is there and works.

    1. As of May 9th – there are no test versions available yet.
      CrossFire is a different company and in short supply. Things could change in the future

  6. I am assuming the R9 implementation is going to be ACCST compatible only correct? No ACCESS protocol support?

  7. So is the Release of this delayed or still looking at mid May? been looking forward to this since I heard about it!

  8. Will it be possible to bind a TBS crossfire or R9 receiver with the internal long range module of the Jumper t18 pro? Or would also a crossfire transmitter module in the JR slot needed?

  9. So is there any update on it coming out? I just went all in and bought an eachine wizard x220hv 6s, 4 batteries, jumper reciever, t240 duo charger, gopro hero 8 black, eachine ev800D goggles, (still need antennas), and this T18 controller. This is my first ever setup and I was hoping everything would come in at once, but now it sounds like ill be waiting for the controller for a while. Anyone have an actual ETA?

  10. First , hope you all are staying safe. I am very New to the game but investing tons of time in learning, though, there is so much to learn!
    Looking to acquire a Jumper T12 Pro, I might just wait for this larger and likely more featured unit. Does it have voice alerts? Can I bind a Detrum MSR66A sports receiver with it?

    1. What about the Jumper 18? When is it expected to be in stock?
      Can I bind Detrum Dynam receivers?
      Thank you

      1. These are instock 2nd Week June 2020- The hardware can bind, you need to check the 4-in-1 documentation for the specific receivers / protcalls the multi-module can bind

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