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As of May 15th Jumper officially released the information there will be 3 versions of the T18. The Jumper T18 Lite (no 915mhz), The Jumper T18, (click here to read more about the Jumper T18) and the Jumper T18 Pro

Lets Compare and Contrast the 3 Different Jumper Variations

There will be slight physical difference between the T18 vs the T18 Pro. To a trained eye, one can distinguish the difference by the Gimbals. This will be the only external physical difference. Both the T18 and the T18 Pro will both have the Carbon FacePlate stock.

The T18 Lite will come stock with a black faceplate making this very easy to determine the Lite vs the T18 or T18 Pro. The T18 Lite and the T18 both will use the same Hall Gimbals.

Jumper T18 Series Spec Sheet
Name T18 Lite T18 T18 Pro
MAP $149.99 $159.99 $189.99
Faceplate Black Carbon Carbon
Gimbal Sensor Hall Hall RDC90
Multi-protocol Module JP4IN1 JP5IN1 JP5IN1
915Mhz Antenna N/A External External
2.4Ghz Antenna External Internal Internal
Foldable Handle Yes Yes Yes
Zipper Carry Case Yes Yes Yes
Adjustable Backlight Yes Yes Yes
Neck Strap Hook Balancer Yes Yes Yes
Screen IPS480*272 IPS480*272 IPS480*272
2.4Ghz Power 100mw 100mw 100mw
915Mhz Power N/A 300mw 300mw
MCU STM32F429 STM32F429 STM32F429
SD Card 1G 1G 1G
Working voltage DC7-8.4V DC7-8.4V DC7-8.4V
800*480 HD IPS touch screen interface reserved (expected to be supported by open TX2.4 and avobe )
Jumper T18
Jumper T18 PRO

The Jumper 18 Lite

The Jumper T18 Lite exterior will contain a black faceplate on the exterior. The Jumper T18 Lite will not have the 915mhz but will use the original 4in1 commonly found in the Jumper T16. This is to easy offer a model to those countries where the 915mhz is illegal to import and or use. For Pricing and availability please visit GraysonHobby.com/Jumper

The Jumper T18 Pro

The Jumper T18 FacePlate

The Jumper T18 PRO will sport the Carbon Fiber Faceplate sought after by so many users. This carbon faceplate add-on was extremely popular with the T16 fans, however unlike the T18 PRO, the Jumper T16 carbon faceplate was an aftermarket addon. No worries, the Jumper T18 and T18 Pro will come standard with the CarbonFiber faceplate.

The Jumper T18 Pro Gimbals

The Gimbals speratate the T18 Pro from the other T18 models from Jumper. The Jumper T18 pro will use the Japanese made ALPS RDC90 gimbals. These same gimbals can be found on the Futaba T18MZ. If you have not had a chance to use the ALPS RDC90 gimals, they are EXTREMELY smooth to the touch. If you are an expert pilot then you will definitely enjoy the silky response from the ALPS RDC90 gimbals, however, if you are still hitting every tree in the dessert , then you probably may just want to look at the Jumper T18. To purchase the Jumper T18 Pro visit GraysonHobby/Jumper

Availability Date – Jumper T18 Pro

The Jumper T18 is expected to hit the market Mid May 2020 while the Jumper T18 Pro is most likely will be arriving to GraysonHobby early June 2020. There is no officially word when the Jumper T18 lite will be available.
Please keep in mind COV19 can disrupt this release and schedule at anytime. – Grayson Hobby has a very limited number of T18 on order due to the raw material production, but since Grayson Hobby is the largest Jumper T16 radio seller in the USA, we will have the most radios available than any other dealer during the 1st batch.

Where to Purchase the Jumper T18 Pro

To Signup for the latest information on availability, be sure to visit GraysonHobby.com/JumperT18 and sign up for the availability notification email. There is no obligation to purchase, just a simple method of being the 1st to know when the Jumper T18 is ready for pre-order.

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  1. i have a pair of T16s, and all the upgrades thanks to you time you take more of my money

  2. “As of May 15th Jumper officially released the information there will be 3 versions of the T18. The Jumper T18 Lite (no 915mhz), The Jumper T18, (click here to read more about the Jumper T18) and the Jumper T18 Pro”… I find it odd that the T18 is still NOT listed in the ‘products’ section of their web-site. Delays in production/distribution maybe???

  3. My preference would be the Jumper T18 (with JP5IN1, internal 2.4Ghz antenna, Hall gimbals, zipper carry case, etc), but with a BLACK faceplate (not a faux “carbon” faceplate). I hope that will be an option, someday. 🙂

  4. Bonjour,
    Je réside en France et donc la longue portée est interdite.
    Est-ce que la version Jumper T18 Pro permettra de choisir entre d’émettre en 915 MHz ou 868mhz ?
    Est-ce vraiment une super radio, et peut-on soit même modifier l’open-source ?
    Est-ce qu’on peu mettre l’interface en français ?
    Bien à vous,

  5. Couple questions:

    What’s the power output on the 900mhz band? Also, what about compatibility with FrSky ACCESS?


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