RadioMaster Boxer Manual & Tips and Tricks

Thank you for purchasing the RadioMaster Boxer 2.4g remote control system. The system is versatile and
can be used by beginners and professionals. In order to ensure the correct and safe use of this product,
please read this manual carefully before use. Due to constant improvements in software and hardware this
manual may change over time. The information contained in this manual is subject to change without notice.
Visit our website for the most up to date information.
Boxer remote control is suitable for all types of fixed-wing aircraft, gliders, helicopters, cars, boats,
robotics, multi-rotor aircraft and anything else you might create, if you can build it RadioMaster can control it.
The Boxer uses a powerful operating system called EdgeTX, for more information visit the links below.
-The RadioMaster team

Manual and firmware download

Boxer is pre-installed with factory approved EdgeTX firmware. To download the latest software manual,
please visit the RadioMaster website:
To download the latest firmware for your Boxer remote control, please visit the EdgeTX website:


ANTENNA: Install the provided antenna in the top of the radio BEFORE installing batteries and turning on the
radio. DO NOT operate the radio without the antenna installed and the internal RF module powered on. Doing
so will damage the internal RF module and will not be covered under warranty.
FIRMWARE: The Boxer is pre-installed with the most stable firmware at the factory at time of release. please
only attempt to update the firmware if you are confident in the process. Incorrect firmware updates may cause
the remote control to become inoperable.

Batteries and charging

Boxer has a built-in USB-C charging function for 3.7V lithium batteries. The charging circuit is only designed
to charge 2x 3.7V Li-ion 18650 or 2x 3.7V Li-Poly batteries (2s 7.4v Lipo battery pack), the nominal battery
voltage is 3.7V, the charged voltage is 4.2V/Cell.
Do not use LiFE battery packs or 18650 lithium-ion batteries with a nominal voltage of 3.6v with a fully
charged voltage of 4.10V. Charging the incorrect type of battery may damage the charger or cause a fire.
If using Li-ion, ensure the cells are not protected and are button-top cells.
Please check the voltage and condition of the battery regularly and never charge unattended. Always charge
in a safe area away from combustible materials. Refrain from charging if the remote control gets wet or
damaged in any way. Do not charge with the polarity reversed
RadioMaster does not assume any responsibility for any adverse consequences caused by the use or misuse
of this product

Model selection and protocol selection (ELRS version)

Boxer ELRS units are equipped with an internal ELRS module, capable of providing 25mW-1000mW RF
output. In non-extreme circumstances, 100mW output at 500Hz update rate is recommended, as higher
RF output and update rates may significantly reduce battery life and generate excessive heat.
Bind instructions
1:Turn off the transmitter
2:Cycle power to the receiver 3 times, the receiver LED will flash twice- indicating bind mode.
3:Turn on the transmitter, long press the SYS button and choose the ExpressLRS LUA under the
TOOLS menu. Scroll down to [Bind] and press enter.
4:The LED on the receiver should now be solid, indicating successful bind.

Warranty and repair

If there is any problem with your remote control hardware, please keep the proof of purchase and
contact the retailer where you purchased the Boxer. You may also visit our warranty support page

Where to Purchase the RadioMaster Radio and RadioMaster Receivers

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